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Fred’s General Mercantile in Beech Mountain

Fred’s General Mercantile in Beech Mountain

Currently celebrating 38 years serving Beech Mountain residents and tourists alike.
No trip to Beech Mountain can really be complete without visiting Fred’s General Mercantile. A one-stop shop with everything you need to make your visit comfortable and complete. Fred’s General Mercantile has everything from groceries to clothing, ski rentals, firewood and great deli with an amazing breakfast and lunch and all your favorite beverages.

Store History

written by Pamela Wilder
On February 9, 1979, began the history of Fred’s General Mercantile. Fred and Margie Pfohl purchased a rectangle piece of property that was considered “useless”, except for billboard advertisement, and transformed it into a thriving business.

Fred jokes that he started the general store business over the price of a can of tuna. Prior to Fred and Margie’s decision to build the store, Fred purchased a can of tuna from a convenience type store on Beech Mountain. It was far too expensive. The result of that purchase is Fred’s General Mercantile. Fred has been seen checking the price of tuna on his own grocery shelves.

The store was built with family in mind. Fred and Margie lived “upstairs” above the store until just a few years ago. This enabled them to have their family nearby and be available to the customers.

During the early years, the inventory was much smaller. Everything was on the main level. They began with a few tee shirts, groceries, some hardware, and lots of faith. A customer remembering when Fred’ opened, said with a grin, “Everyone thought Fred had lost his mind. We knew Beech Mountain couldn’t support a store of its own.” Through the addition of a ski shop and an expanded deli, the store has experienced such heights of success and recognition that Fred’s General Mercantile has become synonymous with Beech Mountain.

Fred’s General Mercantile:
501 Beech Mountain Parkway
Beech Mountain NC 28604
(828) 387-4838